Evangelist Collins is a spiritual midwife, with a burden to intercede, and uphold the Apostolic Tenets of the Faith. She is reaching the masses through television, radio, and social media. Nichol knows firsthand that the power of the Holy Spirit transformed her life. For 20 years, she lived as a transgender male, drug abuser/dealer, and gang member in Los Angeles. Evangelist Nichol Collins testifies how praying in tongues freed her from strongholds, which exuded a deliverance without residue (ACTS 2:38). As seen on Daystar, 700 club, and local networks the gospel is impacting many lives. Nichol Collins is now a full time evangelist, author, and entrepreneur. Evangelist Nichol Collins was given a mandate through a dream; seeing a hand in the heavens clutching a rainbow with these exact words “Take Back the Rainbow." GENESIS 9:11-17 establishes this covenant between God and mankind. Nichol and her mom have published 10 books between the two of them, which can be purchased through links for Amazon provided here on the website. Also, another option is to purchase from them DIRECTLY at a discounted rate. Email for details and electronic giving links. chosen2witness@gmail.com